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  MoMA, NYC press release

Drink Safe Technology has been chosen to be in the first major exhibition at the newly renovated Museum of Modern Art, New York. The exhibition called SAFE Design Takes on Risk - is showcasing 300 products from across the globe specifically designed around safety. Drink Safe Technology is credited with inventing a world's first strips of paper used to detect certain illicit drugs that may have been unknowingly slipped into a drink. The test, in the form of small cards and bar coasters, help raise awareness of the current global trend of drink spiking and drug facilitated sexual assault. This technology has also been independently proven to work as a deterrent to would be spikers and therefore reducing the incidents of this traumatic crime. Dean Sunshine from Drink Safe Technology Australia had to redesign the graphics totally to suit the Australian market and rename the test kits the Drink Spike Detector. This new design has been successfully distributed in the UK/EU, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia and is now also used in the US. The tests are also branded for retail as the Drink Guard in the UK and Drink Check by First Check nationally in the USA. The exhibition runs from October 2005 till January 2006 and will help Drink Safe Technology in their goal to help stop this crime before it even happens.

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