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Read carefully before using the Drink Spike Detector and ensure that the test is used and considered in a well lit area. How the test is performed: It takes the activation of both test spots in one test character to test the beverage in question in accordance with this product. Make sure both test spots are dry, and free of condensation from the drink container. Place drops of the beverage to be tested onto each spot using a straw or your finger. Rub gently. Do not mix the chemicals from each spot together. They should remain separated for best results. Wait until dry. The test can take a few minutes to dry and get a result, be patient. If either spot turns to a DARKER BLUE COLOUR, one or more drugs which could be used in drug facilitated crimes may have been detected.

We caution however that the Drink Spike Detector will not effectively test all beverages and that there are occasions when a test will show a false reading. For example, many coloured beverages will impart a slight hue to test spots and this is not a positive result. Any blue or green coloured beverage or liquor can also show a false reading when applied to the Drink Spike Detector. Further tap water and certain mineral waters may impart a transient blue hue to the test spots while the test is drying. This is not a positive result, and should dissipate when dry. Always use common sense and don't let anyone or anything lull you into a false sense of security. When in doubt with any beverage, always discard and NEVER LEAVE A DRINK UNATTENDED. NOT TO BE USED WITH WINE PRODUCTS, BEVERAGES CONTAINING MILK PRODUCTS OR CREAM, OILY LIQUEURS, TONIC WATERS, FRUIT JUICES OR BEVERAGES CONTAINING FRUIT JUICES.


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Negative Test
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Positive Test
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