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The Drink Safe Story

In the early fall of 2000, a close friend of Francisco Guerra's fell victim to a sexual predator. She was slipped an unknown drug in her drink while she was partying with friends. Several hours later, she awoke to find herself in a seedy hotel room, naked, confused and sexually violated. And even though she had a pretty good idea as to the person who did it, she couldn't remember a single thing about the last several hours.

Luckily, she lived through the ordeal but she has since gone through months of therapy, and may never be the same again.

Outraged that such a thing could happen, Guerra set out to find or create a product that could detect the presence of drugs in any kind of beverage, alcohol enhanced or not.

With the help of Scientific Coordinator Dr. Brian R. Glover, Drink Safe Technologies invented a patent pending device that signals when a drink has been contaminated with one of the most commonly abused 'Date Rape' drugs.

Drink Safe Technologies (Aust) secured the licence to distribute these products in Australia and New Zealand. The look of the product has been changed to suit the local market and it will be known as the DRINK SPIKE DETECTOR.


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